KATT WILLIAMS Popped For…Burglary


Comedian Katt Williams has been jailed in Georgia on charges of burglary and criminal trespassing. A deputy at the jail in Coweta County, southwest of Atlanta, confirmed Williams was being held there and that a magistrate was expected to set bond at an arraignment Monday afternoon. The deputy did not have access to a police report to provide more details. Williams’ real name is Micah Williams. He’s known for his appearances on BET and HBO, including an HBO special, “Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Part 1,” which was shot in Atlanta. He also had roles in the movies “Friday After Next” and “Norbit.” It was unclear Monday morning if Williams had an attorney.


Church Members “Get Got” for $900,000 by Their Own Church… DAMN, Now You Can’t Even Trust the Church!!!


Jose and Yvette Strickland are former members of the Soul Factory in Maryland. They were generous enough to lend their church $900,000 to build a second parish in Atlanta, GA. The church says it was a “donation” and not a loan but they were making payments to the bank… GTFOH!!! Read the rest of this entry »

Man Given Jail Time For Sexing Horse


Buggery is a legal term seldom used in this digital age, but that is exactly the term used to secure Rodell Vereen behind bars.

Classified as an “offense of morality,” the 50-year-old man was given a three year prison sentence for sodomizing a horse at the Lazy B stables in Horry County, South Carolina.

His latest arrest marks the second time that he was caught in the act by Lazy B’s owner, Barbara Kenley, who also witnessed him having sex with another horse at her stable.

“When they arrested him before I thought that was the end of it,” said Kenley, speaking of the first time Vereen had relations with her aged mare Sugar.

Rodell, who gave both horses an  infection when he molested them, was placed on South Carolina’s sex offender’s list after his first offense. Kenley installed surveillance cameras to catch the mentally unstable man, and the tapes were used as evidence against him during his sentencing.

The sex fiend has been ordered to stay away from Lazy B’s after his release and he must seek counseling to help

Parents of Slain Spelman Student To Sue


The parents of a Spelman student killed by a stray bullet on the campus of Clark Atlanta University are filing a wrongful death lawsuit against the institution.

19-year-old Jasmine Lynn was killed September 3 leaving her friend’s dormitory after shots were fired during a fight.

Lynn’s mother Constance Franklin blames the University’s poor security for her loss and denounced the school saying, “

“The most basic duty that a school has is to keep students safe. Despite numerous instances of violent crimes being committed against students on CAU’s campus, CAU failed to provide adequate security. If they had simply done this, my child would be alive today.”

21-year-old Devonni Benton is in police custody for the fight on multiple charges including Jasmine Lynn’s murder.

The University has yet to comment.



Joe Jackson Receives an Award and is Praised For Good Parenting???


Al Sharpton is pictured here, giving Joe Jackson an award the other night. The man with a perm is saying more Joe Jacksons are what’s needed in the black community:

The Rev. Al Sharpton believes the world needs more fathers like Joe Jackson – a man the King of Pop said, routinely beat him and his siblings when they were children. The civil rights leader heaped praise on the dad’s parenting skills…… at the National Action Network in Harlem Saturday. “The arrogance of [people] attacking a man for being a stern father,” Sharpton said. “I wish we had more stern fathers – then we wouldn’t be shooting each other up.”

Jackson said he was honored to be recognized by Sharpton. “This feels great,” he said. “I feel like I’m someone very special.”